Friday, November 11, 2011

I did nothing

I've been thinking and dreming about this blog for such a long time... I've wanted to say things about the economy, about family values, about monetary stewardship for so long.

But I did nothing.

I don't literally mean I did nothing. I mean, I went to work. I took my kids to school. I took vacations. I cleaned my house. I surfed the internet. (I need to clean my house again.)

But, in the greater aspect of my country. I did nothing.

I didn't involve myself in the Tea Pary movement. I choose NOT to occupy. I did however, write a letter to my Congressional Representative. That counts for something, right?

No, I choose a different path. And, as economists know there is ALWAYS another alternative. It's the alternative to do nothing. I continued my shopping habits as usual, always using coupons when possible. I went to theme parks with the family. I bought clothes.

However, I just heard about the fatal shooting of a man near the Occupy Oakland movement. This is the precipice. This is what gets me going. Now the internet shall hear my ramblings on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I am not happy with the state of things. But I am not looking for a big shake up. I'm not looking for a revolution. I'm not going to say "enough already."

I am just getting started.

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